30 Second Stories

The Town Created By Freed Slaves



The Story of the Birds, Baskel

The Adventures of Miss Gregory, Gibbon

Girl of the Golden West, Belaso

Jack the Young Cowboy, Grinnel

Lorimer of the Northwest, Bindloss

Life at West Point, Hancock

Daughter of Freedom, Blanchard

Decisive Battles of the World, Hitchcock

The House of Happiness, Bosher

The Unafraid, Ingram

Man in Lonely Land, Bosher

The Tennessee Shad, Johnson

Happy Family, Bower

Lion Ben, Kellogg

Uphill Climb, Bower

The Lodger, Low

Leonardo da Vinci, Brockwell

The Cave of Gold, McNeil

Robin Hood’s Barn, Brown

Little Knich of the X Bar B, Maule

Billy Tomorrow in Camp, Carr

Brittany, Menpes

Rocky Fork, Catherwood

Venice, Menpes

Refractory Husbands, Cutting

Cynthia, Merrick

Nest & Eggs of North American Birds, Davie

Winning of the Boy, Merrill

Polly of the Hospital, Dowd

Staff Culumet “K”, Mighels

Race Prejudice, Pinol

The Ambition of Mark Truitt, Miller

A Valiant Woman, Fisher

The Young Fisherman, Pendexter

Castaways of Peter’s Patch, Rankin

C W.A.G’s Tale, Tarabull

Pluck on the Long Trail, Saturn

Van Cleve, Walls

Captivating Mary Carstairs, Second

The Claim Jumpers, White

Curiosities of the Sky, Seviss

The State, Wilson

Stories of the Revolution, Strange

Women of the Bible, (no author listed)

Our World, Strong

Book on Indian Braves, Sweester

Village Library in Mass, Tarbell

Ever After, Tompkins

Gillis Jones